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Master's or PhD -Please Reply

Jess C

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Hello everyone. I just graduated in May from my college. I decided to go into policy rather late so I have limited experience. To sum it all up quickly I am not a very competitive applicant for the programs I want to apply to. That being said, I am taking at least 2 years possibly more off and trying to get a job that is remotely related to what I want to do in the future. Additionally, I am building other experience through volunteering with some organizations as well as taking some additional coursework. I've run into some issues when considering a master's or PhD program. A master's seems like a good fit, but I've been encouraged to pursue a PhD program because of funding. However I don't like doing research like that and really don't have a desire to teach. (Any PhDs working outside of academics?) I've been told there no jobs out here so getting a master's is useless. There is one PhD program I am seriously considering applying to because the topic interests me a great deal, the rest are M.P.P.s. For M.P.P graduates what has the job market been like for you? Was your master's degree worth it in the end? Also do any M.P.P grads work internationally? I wouldn't mind working overseas. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Well, first of all, don't get a PhD if you don't like research.

Also do any M.P.P grads work internationally? I wouldn't mind working overseas. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Ok, you need to do some basic research on MPP programs before we can give you advice. Look at the program websites and get back to us.

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Thank you for the reply. However , I think you assume I haven't done basic research which is not the case. I've looked at program websites of all the schools I am interested in, talked to professors, an alumni from my college who works in in public health policy. However I haven't had an opportunity to talk to many graduate students or students applying to graduate programs in M.P.P. so I feel like I am missing a huge perspective. Maybe I'm just not asking the right questions? (The internationl bit was kind of thrown in there haphazardly) My other concern is how have graduates of M.P.P. programs faired in the terms of employment and if those graduates feel their particular degree was the best option for them.

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