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Grad school Questions: UVa, math, etc...

Mr. Taylor

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I've got several questions concerning grad school application.

1) Can anyone here speak of UVa's program? UVa interests me, even though I know very little about their actual program. I know that probably seems strange or misguided.

2) I have 2 semesters, maybe 3 at the most, left as an undergrad. My math and stats credentials are seriously lacking, so I am devoting the next year mostly to those areas. I'm currently in Calc I (98 A+), and I plan to take Calc II and III and linear algebra definitly. I understand Ordinary Differential Equations, Real Analysis and Math Stat are important so I will try to take those. Considering the time limit, what else would be advised? I'm also signed up for an Intro Mathematical Economics class and an Applied Regression Methods stats class next semester.

3) In my first year in college I took College Algebra and Business Calc. I carelessly got a B in the former and a C in the latter. Will this come back to bite me really hard when grad schools see those grades? I've gotten A's in all math classes since, and expect an A in Calc 1 (and all further coursework). I'm really, really hoping that they will be sympathetic and turn their attention to my more current and advanced coursework.

4) I'll be sticking around several semesters past the time I should be graduating (I could have graduated this summer If I wanted). I plan to tack on 20 more credit hours than is required. Would there be any reason for a grad school to look unfavorably upon someone who "lingers" such as myself?

Any comments will be appreciated, thank you.

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Mr. Taylor,

A few comments:

1. Your B and C grades won't be looked upon "sympathetically" as there's little sympathy among ad comms. A "C" in business Calc could spook them - unless, as you say, you do well in your math courses from here on out - then it will likely be discounted.

2. You also want a good GRE-quant score. Depending on the program, somewhere upwards of the 80th or 90th percentile - and up. There's a lot of 170Qs applying.

3. Why are you "lingering"? I also took more courses (than my masters in econ), I took more math, and did research. That was probably a plus. It also gave me good LORs - which are important. If you linger - make it count.

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