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Civil Eng / Water resources


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It seems to be an area there's no much information about, so I'll cross my fingers and hope anyone out there can give me some advice.

I'd like to get a Msc in the subject and have narrowed it down to :

- UT Austin (an extremely long shot but I really don't wanna look back and say I didn't , at least, try.

- Texas A&M at College Station

- Oregon State University, Corvallis

- Colorado State University, Fort Collins

- University of Colorado, Boulder

- University of Portland

I am way more interested in pursuing a professional career than an academic/research one so I wonder whether there are programs that would be better in that aspect. But keep in mind funding is a must so I have to embrace some research.

I'm also an international student and it's hard to get information on how specific departaments work or advice on which one would fit me best.

Last but not least, if anyone can suggest websites or forums on that topic it 'd be great (I seem to find a lot about Physics, Electric eng. and Bioeenginering, but not so much on Civil, odd)

Cheers and thanks in advance.

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