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I'm stumped and really need some help!


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Hello everyone,

I don't know if this is the right place to post but I'm really nervous right now and I kinda need some help. So here's the situation:

I wrote GRE a year ago and had an ETS account for that. Last month, when I wanted to register for TOEFL, I didn't remember the credentials of my GRE account. So I created a new one and registered for TOEFL using the new account. Quite recently, I recovered the credentials of my old account.

Now the question that's worrying me is, will having two accounts be a problem when I have to report scores to universities? It's too late to cancel my TOEFL test as it's the day after tomorrow. Will I have to take a test which is registered through my first account for a smooth application process? Or will this work? Please let me know. I might have just ended up blowing away $160... :(



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I had to make two different accounts for the two tests (somehow it wouldn't let me use my GRE account for the TOEFL but it also said that my account name was already taken). I was confused but the schools didn't care. I don't think that your accounts show up anywhere. It's just for you to login and manage your tests and results. It doesn't mention them on score reports.

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