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Should I take the new GRE?


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I took GRE general subject test on March 2011 with Q 800 V 540 A 3.5

I m planning to apply for operations management programs of business schools.

Should I re-take the GRE?

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My personal opinion is NOT to try revised GRE. According to old scale, your score is 1340, which is quite decent. But if wanna score more than that in revised GRE then that means more than 323-325, and scoring this much in new pattern is surely not an easy task. Since both Verbal and Math sections are tougher than what they used to be.

This is totally my personal opinion since I am preparing for new GRE and I regret why I didn't write old GRE.

You may ask your friends who are writing new GRE. :)

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I disagree with the previous posters logic and conclusion.

The GRE is a percentile test and you should be able to achieve a similar or better score with the new GRE. I don't think it's "harder" and even if it were you are graded on a percentile basis.

Obviously your quant score is perfect. So the best you can do is the same - with the risk of dropping a bit (but it's not likely as an 800Q student you would blow it).

The verbal portion has changed a bit. Some feel it's "easier" because there is supposedly less emphasis on vocabulary. Though I found the two versions very similar (I had a 165 verbal - so pretty high).

It's your AW score that's low --- and you could improve with some preparation. But for Operations Management, I am not sure a low AW score would really hurt you - though 3.5 is pretty poor. You might want to do some homework and asking at programs what they think about the AW score and minimums/cutoffs.

If anything, I think the revised GRE is easier for some reasons...

For math - there is a calculator. I like that that because I tend to calculate stuff too much, I am slow at it, and I make dumb mistakes.

You can mark a tough question and come back to it. For me - when I start to feel stuck on a question, I begin to panic, and this detracts from getting it done. My time suffers. The skip ahead and back feature fixes this.

Finally - I think ETS has now announced Score Select service which allows you to send whichever set of test results you want to schools, (or all of them). So there is no downside except the fee, your study time and taking the exam to trying again and eliminating the risk of a marginal verbal s core and low AW score on your top quant score.

I say Do It.

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