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Will this hurt my chance of getting into top EE grad school?


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I'm now facing a struggling situation, and since I have no idea of what graduate schools want, it may be useful to ask others' opinions.

Here's my situation:

I took a portion of intro physics sequence (the first year calculus based physics) in community college when I was in high school, and expected them to be transferred; however, they ended up entirely not being transferred at all since I lack a part of the sequence. The instructors of my school have evaluated my situation and given me overrides to take upper division physics courses directly even those intro classes I took in high school aren't transferred (so that my original plan won't be slowed down), but I still have to make them up sometimes no matter in school or other institutes for graduation requirement.

Should I just make-up the intro physics sequence in a community college near my school concurrently with upper division physics, or should I just slow down my plan a year and retake them all in my school? (I think slowing down it's a bit wasteful... since I'm pretty confident in intro physics. In addition, my school doesn't offer an honors physics sequence)

Will taking intro physics in community college instead of 4-year-university hurt my chance of getting into top university like MIT, stanford, caltech, and UCB? I'm an ECE major.

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