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PhD Comp. Lit. in U.S. 2014 -- Query

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I want to apply to the PhD programs in Comparative Literature. Since, I am an international applicant from India, I wanted to know if I stand any realistic chance of getting through any University.

I have finished my B.A. in English Literature and am currently doing my MA in Comparative Literature. Although, my grades in BA aren't particularly good (Upper Second Class), I hope to do well in my MA to make up for it. (Besides, the University I did my BA from gave grades for attendance which resulted in my lower percentage.) Plus, both my BA and MA are from two of the best Universities in the country. (University of Delhi, University of Jadavpur). I am fluent in English, Hindi, Bengali and have a reading knowledge of Urdu. I am also currently learning French. My research interests are Post-colonial literature, Indian literature and the politics of translation and identities.

I plan to take the GRE next year.

I wanted to know if, with a background like mine, I stand any chance of being admitted into any of the PhD programs in Comp. Lit. or South Asian Studies. If yes, which Universities should I apply to?

Thank you.


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