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GRE Psychology Subject Test


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I am in the process of studying for the GRE Psychology subject test. I am seeking advice on what is the most efficient way to study. I have generally been told of two ways:

1) Obtain a general psychology textbook and study it.

2) Obtain a Psychology GRE prep book and memorize the questions.

I understand the merits of method # 1, but I am really just looking for the most efficient way to study given I have to take it in a month.

My plan now is to digitize some of the questions from a large question bank pool and just "flash card" it up. Does anyone know of any good sites that provides this service for free or inexpensively?


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If you took psychology courses as an undergrad, the questions are similar to most multiple-choice quizzes you might have been given (possibly with less details). I got myself a prep book and used the review section of that, and that was sufficient for me. But YMMV.

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Do NOT use an old book. You will be screwing yourself. On the subject test that I took in psychology, I recall several of the questions asking about current trends in the field, and these are some of the questions I screwed up on because I didn't think the test would go there, but it does. You need something that is current, or you will be seriously hurting yourself on the exam. My own method was to refresh with notes from my courses and to peruse a current psychology 101 textbook.

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Thanks for the info Chesire. With that said, anyone up for pooling our resources to study for the Psychology subjects gre? My plan is to digitize all of my note cards and question bank, so I can use my iphone to study anytime I want.

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