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Deciding what grad school program to apply to?


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Hi all,

I'm floating around the idea of applying to graduate school for fall of 2013 (hopefully, if I get my act together). My problem is I'm not entirely sure what program to be applying to.

I'm conflicted over if I should go with something more practical/marketable versus something I flat out enjoy (but may not provide a quick return on investment). To give you some background, I double majored in business and studio art in my undergraduate studies. I have one year of job experience in a business/research role, and my next role will be more online advertising related, so my work really utilizes my business background more so than my art one.

In an ideal world, I'd sell my own artwork or turn my art into some type of entrepreneurial venture...or work on the managerial side of an arts organization - so the the question becomes should I get an MBA or MFA? Or should I look into an Arts Administration/management type program? What kinds of criteria have you used to help you figure out the best program for you? I would appreciate any general insight or tips on how to navigate this process, especially from anyone who might have a similar background or interests.

Seems like I have too many options right now, and all the requirements are pretty different (I need focus!) - see my dilemma?

Thanks in advance for any help! Really appreciate it.

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I think from one artist to another the best thing to question is what sounds best for you? Really. These are the questions that helped me to narrow shit down...what program has full funding, great job placement/internship, other great artist you want to work with, a program that feels connected to a larger community so you can build your name. I got my BA in English and my MFA in Poetry and I asked myself all the same questions. I think in the end you really have to be happy go with doing both. Pursue a degree program that might be arts/administration/management so you can work in the community you love and still have health care. Also at the end of the day if you build up your name nothing and no one can touch that. So build a website, consult other artist, work on building your name, getting your work out there and pursue a degree that makes you feel thrilled. I know money is the need for all of us. But people who pursue the money always go back to the arts when money and the job become soul killing. I decided I need to pursue the Ph.D (even though its hella crazy and dumb right now). Also can you pick up something on the side like building websites or some shit, new media? I want a city that's diverse, full of art culture, a degree program where I can study gender/sexuality/literature/nerd stuff and I demand for myself and my future full funding. Its what we all deserve. Find money and a place that will make you smile, great connections you can make. Start here. And good luck.

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