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Cognitive/Econ Coursework?


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Greetings, GradCafe-ers!

While I am still nailing down a career path, I am confident that I will pursue a masters (fingers crossed) within the next 3 years. What classes would you recommend to put me on solid ground for such a program? I am interested in an interdisciplinary program--such as cognitive science, cognitive neuroscience, systems neuroscience, decision theory, or game theory--that will enable me to study/model how we make various choices. Nebulous as this list may seem, I am refining my interests periodically with more research and coursework. (Admittedly, I'm a ways from my goal!)

Current and future relevant coursework include: Stats, Econometrics, Linear Algebra, Game Theory, Behavioral Economics, Intro Psych, Behavioral Neuroscience, Cognitive Neuroscience, Computational Neuroscience, Learning and Memory, Social Psych, and Psychopathology. I have also done some imaging research (not fMRI yet, no publications).

What other math and (hard or soft) science courses would you recommend? I have one year left (one semester of undecided classes) and plan to pursue an informal post-bacc to supplement my undergraduate work.

Looking forward to your responses!


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If you want to do decision theory or game theory long run, you'll need much more mathematics than linear algebra. You need to get comfortable with and develop a taste for writing formal proofs. Make sure the linear algebra course you take is not an engineering-student section, which will ignore the proofs. Also, real analysis and calculus-based (or even better measure theoretic) probability. Decision theory is about writing mathematical models. It's not particularly interdisciplinary in methods -- it's applied mathematics. Same with game theory. The other avenues I don't know anything about.

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