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Stregthening Ph.D in Curriculum and Instruction Application


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Hey Everyone,

I am currently teaching in an elementary school full-time and pursuing a Master's in Elementary Education.

Upon completion of my MEd, I would like to take three years off from academia and focus on gaining additional teaching experience and handling some personal things.

During that time, is there anything else I can do that would strengthen my application?

I will continue to teach full-time during this three years.

My MEd is not research based. Should I do research? If so, how do you get into that?


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When I had first applied for my PhD, all the admission offices said that they do not expect, nor require research experience before applying. I didn't have any research experience in my MAT, and it seems I'm okay. :)

I can't stress this enough, your intent and research interests must be EXTREMELY clear in your SOP. It'll make or break you.

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I agree with hitomimay. Because my MS was thesis-based, I had no problems demonstrating that I had already done research and was familiar with literature reviews, IRB, etc. If I were you, I would take that time to do a bit of journal reading to see what research people are doing. That way, you have some idea as to what is considered "researchable." You have to be very focused and clear about your reasons for wanting to do research. Good luck!

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Nearing the end of your M.Ed. identify faculty that you have enjoyed working alongside and who's advice you look to the most. Stay in touch with those facutly members, and if you can, as you read your journals of the latest methods of teaching, propose ideas or ask their opinions. That link could be more helpful than you know and give you the leg up if you decide to return and seek a Specialist or Doctorate.

Good luck.

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