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Curating MA - how useful is this internship...?


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I have recently been offered an internship at the NY Guggenheim. My plan long-term is to apply next year for a Curating MA at either UCL or the Courtauld in London (where I live) - I studied History of Art and English at York Uni, and have now finally decided I would love to pursue a career in museums - but I know both these courses are highly competitive. The internship at the Guggenheim would be amazing (plus living in NY for 3 months would be awesome) but its unpaid and so quite expensive, and its also in the Media and PR dept. not curatorial, so I'm wondering how much weight it would actually carry on my CV, and whether it would be worth it...? I'd learn a lot about the art and be invovled in some great events I'm sure, but would it help my application to a place on a curating course... especially since my field of interest up until now has perhaps been more about decorative and historic arts rather than 20th C and contemporary...(though this could change)...

If anybody has any opinions on this I'd be really grateful, as I'm currently very unsure as to what to do!

Thank you!

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