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UCL or Verona


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Hi everyone!

I am a student at the 'University of Verona' (Italy) and I just completed the first year of a three-year economics undergraduate course. My grades average is 28.4/30 so it's quite high and I'll probably spend the next academic year in Madrid on an Erasmus programme....

I am posting this thread because I have been accepted by UCL for an undergraduare programme called 'Statistics and Economics' and I am now undecided on whether go to UCL or just stay at the University of Verona.

Pros and Cons of going to UCL:


- UCL it's a uni that ranks high on international rankings

- I would have less classes hours per week so maybe I'll be able to have some internships in London

- It may be easier to be accepted by a good graduate school or being offered good jobs in UK or US after I graduate from UCL


- I would graduate a year later as I am now a sophomore and if I went to UCL I would have to restart as a freshman

- The tuition fee is really high and I woul have to pay much for the accomodation too

- I have already had some experience abroad (I spent 2 years in Bedford and 1 year in New York)

- I would miss the opportunity to go to Spain next year and learn Spanish (even though I'm sure they have interesting exchange programmes at UCL too)

Honestly I am sure I'll receive a good education at the University of Verona too so the main reason why I would go to UCL is because I feel graduate schools and employers would consider me a lot more if I went to UCL than if I went to University of Verona.

Which one do you think is the best choice: go to UCL or stay at the University of Verona?

Thank you in advace!!

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If you're considering a PhD in economics, the rank of the school you go to as an undergraduate and familiarity of your professors with good State-side economics programs is important. You will almost surely need to do an MA in economics at one of the better schools in Europe to compete, but I don't have the information to comment on how these undergraduate programs would help your chances of getting in somewhere like Toulouse, Bocconi, or LSE.

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