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Unrelated MS - Jumping from Art to Paleontology, Possible?


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I just completed my BFA in graphic design and after several months in the field I feel soulless. I always knew I wanted to pursue a master's degree (and possibly a PhD), so I'm starting to think that it might be time for a change. A big change.

My father was an archeologist, my mother a marine biologist. I grew up complaining about the inaccuracy of Jurassic Park - it just never crossed my mind that it might be a field I would want to be involved in. I'm pretty sure 16 year old me thought 'I don't wanna be like my parents.' Now I realize that I did myself a huge disfavor by selecting art rather than science. My dream would be to enter into a evolutionary biology/paleontology program as a Master's student.

I'm wondering if it's even possible? I took all the basic biology classes during my BFA and some anthropology/arch classes, receiving good marks in all. I'm just concerned that I'm going to send in my application and that people are going to read art and laugh. Would taking GRE subject tests help at all? Are they going to tell me to go back into undergrad coursework?

Has anyone made the jump to an unrelated field? I'm looking for any advice or experience, even if it's in a completely different area of interest.

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What type of paleontology - vertebrate, invertebrate, or micro? What type of research are you interested in? I know several of the first two types (all of whom have gone on to great jobs) and my own research interests now trend towards micropaleontology.

I don't think it's an unrealistic change - I just wonder how competitive you would be with peers who have a longer track record for this type of research. Is there a local museum with a research lab and volunteer program you could get involved in? Also, the vert paleontologists I knew always needed someone to draft pen-and-ink bone drawings for publications. I would think that you having this skill could in your favor.

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