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Chinese Arts and Archaeology


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Here I created a thread for all the applicants that are interested in Chinese arts and archaeology. I believe there are a whole bunch of other people applying to this field. Back to me.

I come from a totally different field. I got my B.A. in Linguistics, and am doing a master in Linguistics right now. Anyway, I've decided to do a PhD in Chinese Art history. I haven't narrowed down my interests yet, but I will be the end of September so that I can get two months working on my writing sample and personal statement.

In terms of language preparation, my active languages are Mandarin, English, French, Spanish and Japanese. I also have a solid knowledge in classical Chinese. I don't know which language is going to help in my application. I will just mention all of them in my resume.

I will apply to two schools, Penn and Princeton. Let's make it a place to discuss Chinese arts and the application. And all advice are highly appreciated, even you are from a different field.

Good luck!

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