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Hi everyone! I'm planning on going to graduate school for speech pathology. I'm majoring in Spanish and minoring in psych, while taking 'leveling' courses through USU (we don't have a speech major at my university).

I'm confused on when exactly people apply to graduate school.

It seems like Iike applications are due in January, so would I have to take a break from school for a year? For example, I'm graduating in Spring of 2014. So would I apply in January of 2014 (without having graduating yet) or apply in January of 2015?

I just know the application process is very costly, and I don't want to apply more than once if possible. If grad schools won't accept me becuase I haven't graduated yet, I would rather just wait on applying. I just don't know what to do in that 'off' year.

P.S. I don't want to do spring admission; none of the grad schools I"m looking at have it.

Thanks for your help! :)

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You could do either. Generally schools will have a question like "When did you graduate (or when will you graduate) with a Bachelors?".

But, I would strongly recommend taking a couple years. Strongly. I didn't, and I applied (and was roundly rejected) straight out of undergrad. I took some time, worked in my field, volunteered in the field and in labs, and I got a MUCH better sense of exactly what I wanted to do in my PhD program and after.

I think you'll have a better shot / have a cleared sense of purpose after a couple years out of school. Just my $.02.

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Just to be clear -- most people apply to graduate programs while they are in the final year of their degree. That is, most people have NOT completed their undergrad degree yet while applying for the graduate degree. In your case, if you wanted to go to grad school right after your undergrad, you would apply in Dec 2013/January 2014 for programs that will start in September 2014.

Grad schools will accept students who are not graduated yet -- usually your admission is conditional on actually passing your degree!

Taking some time off between undergrad and graduate school could be a good idea, depending on your own experience, goals, qualifications and field. I'd say that the majority of students apply while in undergrad, though.

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