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Latin American Studies PHD


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Hey guys,

I’m wondering if you could all help me out with a couple of questions. I want to apply for PHD programs in Latin American Studies for the fall of 2013.

Here is a little bit about my background before I ask all the questions I’ve got going through my head:

I am half Nicaraguan, was raised in Nicaragua and Costa Rica. I have traveled extensively throughout Mexico and the rest of Central America. Completely fluent in both English and Spanish. I graduated from the University of Richmond in 2010 with a 3.6 GPA in International Studies with a Latin America focus. My GRE scores need improving (I plan to take the GRE again in November and score higher). They are (Verbal: 158, Quantitative: 147, Analytical Writing: 4.5).

Since graduating (2 years ago) I’ve worked for a Latin American Think Tank in Washington, D.C., as an instructor for educational non-profit that brings students around the world to D.C. and at a University here in D.C. - albeit in the administrative side. I have always been interested and felt connected to Latin America, my dream would be to be in academia and teach.

I have looked at some PHD programs, but unlike applying for Grad School, it’s much harder to determine what would be a reach and what would be a safer bet in terms of applying and getting accepted to the program. So far, I’ve looked at Tulane and University of Texas at Austin, these are great programs. I’m not sure that I’d qualify for them, I’d like to, but they seem top notch. What are some other good Latin American Studies PHD programs that I should look into? What would my chances of getting into some of these programs be if any? Besides improving my GRE scores, what else can I do to increase my chances of getting accepted? I have kept in close contact with Professors from Undergrad, so I’m not too worried about the recommendation letters.

Any advice is welcomed and appreciated.

Many thanks

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