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What general range of schools should I be looking at?


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I attend a small, relatively unknown liberal arts school.

GPA: 3.95

Math GPA:4.0

Econ GDP:3.91

Econ Classes Taken: intro, micro, macro, game theory, IO, International Econ, Labor Econ, Econometrics

Math Classes Taken: calc 1-3, linear, ODEs, a foundations of math course, Analysis 1-2, Abstract Algebra 1-2

The following are senior level math courses I have taken: Math Modeling, Knot Theory, Complex Analysis

I am already 1 class past completing my math major.

I received an A in every listed course except international which was an A-. I have 1 other non-A grade, a B+ first semester freshmen year in Comparative Politics.

I did game theory research with an Econ Prof the summer after my sophomore year and continued the research throughout Junior year.

This last summer (the summer following my Junior Year), I participated in a industrial mathematics REU at NC state. My topic was biological math modeling but it involved extensive Matlab programming and developed research skills.

This semester I am taking PDEs, Developmental Econ and Intro to Physics as well as doing 4 credits of my senior research project.

I will be TAing Analysis this semester as well.

My final semster should be TAing Analysis 2 and Game Theory, my senior project stuff, Topology and Measure Theory.

My GRE scores are a 164 quant and 162 verbal assuming the values displayed at the end of the test were accurate.

My Recs will come from one senior econ prof, the applied math PHD (well known in her field) that I did the REU with, and the prof I did game theory research with who is relatively new. All of my recs should be very good.

What range of schools do you think I can apply to? Do I have a chance of getting into the top schools?

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