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which applied math programs should I apply to?

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Hello! I was wondering which kind of applied math programs you guys think I'd be a good candidate for. I'll be talking with my academic advisor about this in two weeks when school starts, but I want to know what you guys think in the meanwhile because why not.

Major: Math and Physics

Program: Medicorish (ranked 50ish in math and physics)

GPA: 3.7

Math GPA: 3.9ish

Advanced coursework: Vector Calculus (A-), ODE and dynamical systems (A), LinAlg (A), Analysis 1 (A), Complex Variables (A), Theoretical Mechanics (B), E&M Theory (A-), StatMech (A), Graduate level Quantum Mechanics 1 (A), Grad level Quantum Mechanics 2 (A), Computational Physics (A),

other coursework(lower grades here): Modern Physics (C-), Experimental Physics (B), Discrete Math (A), Intro to algorithms (B+), computer orginization (B-), Operating Systems (A-), Intro to AI (A), digital logic design (B+)

Research: Did code for a particle physics project over the summer going into junior year, did more code for the same project over junior year. I did a lot of outside reading related to physics and talked to the professor overseeing me about it (Landau Mechanics, quantum mechanics). This semester ill be doing physics stuff for the same project, and will likley get my name on a publication

Recs: 1 from a small class with a project I did very well on, and homeworks read by the professor, 1 from the guy I did research for, 1 from academic advisor

GRE: I did very well on practice tests for GRE (got a perfect quant score on one, did ok on verbal, PGRE over 750 got 800 on the most recent one I took)

Im looking for very general information. Am I "top 10" material, "next 10" material, or what?

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