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Part time/Internet Based MPH HArvard v/s John Hopkins

Missouri Guy

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I will be working as a Hospitalist in Missouri. I want to join MPH program so that It will help me to publish papers and help to get in Residency. Working in missouri,there is no good university near by. I will be working 1 week on and 1 week off.

During my off time I want to do online / part time MPH.

I have a friend in BAltimore which might help me to stay there during the live lectures which happens, couple of weeks in a year.

I am confused to choose between John Hopkins vs Harvard.

Both are expensive though,around $75 000 for 2-3 year course.

If I get a cheaper online MPH ,that would not be as effective,so I want help to choose between HArvard and John Hopkins.

I dont think accomodation should be that big a of deal since it is only matter of couple of weeks.

Any input will be highly appreciated

Missouri Guy

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