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Low AW Score for BioE Masters?


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I just got my official GRE results back: 165Q (795 old scale), 160V (605), 3.5AW. I think my Q score is very slightly above average for the programs I'm looking at, and the V score is above average, but the AW score is below.

I'm applying for admission to top tier MS BioE programs (Stanford, Duke, JHU, Berkeley, UCSD, Yale, etc.)

Is my writing score too low? I got my BS in BioE from Berkeley with a 3.35 cumulative GPA and 3.6 in my last two years (all upper-div technical courses). I have strong LORs and research/work experience (2 pending papers, 1 patent, 1 national conference poster).

I'm just worried that my AW score may not meet a hard cut-off for some of the top schools.

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