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SSHRC status in a strike?


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Hi everyone. I hope the summer that is winding down was a great one for you!

Unfortunately the topic I'm hoping for information on is not as pleasant. There is a chance (I'm not sure how large) that the professors at my institution will strike sometime during my master's year. I'm very concerned about how this will affect my CGS scholarship from SSHRC. The institution understandably does not want to address questions about the potential strike; when I asked my undergraduate institution what I should expect to happen with my SSHRC (since I experienced a strike there during my first year and thus they have experience in this area - what luck I have for timing in both cases!), they said that, since we did not lose a semester, the awards were not affected in any way but that I should contact SSHRC for information about their policies in the event that an extended strike were to happen.

I've also been told by others that it's not a good idea to ask SSHRC this because they may become apprehensive and hesitant to release my funds if they know a strike may be looming. I guess what I'm asking is two questions:

1. Were any of you SSHRC recipients for a year during which a semester or more were lost due to labour action? If so, what were the consequences you encountered?

2. Do you think it's a good idea to contact SSHRC/would you do so?

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