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Value of an MPH/PhD abroad


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Hello All,

I am an American recent undergrad graduate with interest in public health, Epi, infectious diseases,immunology,preventative medicine ect. I really would love to go abroad for my degree, but have read conflicting advice about the pros and cons. My ultimate career goal is to work for a global organization focused on research with practical implementations. If anyone could give me some more clear cut answers (or any thoughts really) that would be much appreciated =)

1. If I got an MPH abroad does it carry the same credibility as a US degree? so If I wanted to come back to purse a PhD in the US could I ? Or does it really all depend on the program and professors?

2. Would it be better to go for a Masters in Immunology, Epi, Bio-statistics anyway rather than an MPH and then get a Doctorate in Public health?

3. If I got an masters abroad would it make more sense to do a PhD abroad as well ?

4.(apologize if this is a repetitive questions from previous posters) Are the opportunities for research abroad same, worse or better than US, I think I read that because the length of time in completing a degree abroad is shorter there is less time for publication and TA possibilities, which are regarded as crucial skills if you want to go into academia, but would it hurt MY career interests?

5. Any thoughts on a good program? I am currently looking at Scotland's programs......


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