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IR or MPP degree then private sector work?


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My current career goals involve working in international development, but from the private sector rather than through NGOs or the government. Ideally, in the end I would be working with or setting up my own boutique private equity or consulting firm that focused on investing in socially-responsible enterprises in the developing world, particularly in post-conflict states.

The simple answer seems to be to get an MBA, but I have heard that MBAs are mostly a networking opportunity. IR or MPP degrees seem to offer me a better opportunity for me to get rigorous training in the political/legal realities relevant to international business. Most schools would also let me take a certain number of MBA courses in my IR/MPP degree.

This route seems more advantageous even than getting an MBA with a focus on doing business internationally. What do you think?

Also, I'd be interested in knowing any and all private sector fields that people go into from IR or MPP degrees.

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