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Application to GU for Spring 2013


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Hi! This is my first post, having stumbled onto the site whilst going through the usual throes of panic and self-doubt that accompany grad school application/waiting! I've applied to Georgetown for Spring 2013, in their MPS Journalism course. I'm an international student (from the UK!) and am now in that harrowing period where I know it's still too soon to get a decision, yet I cannot help but keep checking, because "you never know"..!

Great to see that other people were just as troubled as I am now. I note i'm in the minority with a Spring application (and saw absolutely none on the results search) which I expected. It's a great course and a wonderful school though, so I had to give it my best shot! I wondered whether anyone else had done it recently and what their experience of both the wait, the decision and entering a course a semester after the bulk of students?

I think mostly I just needed to let a few words out to keep my brain ticking over..!

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Hi! I was wondering if you have heard anything from GU yet? I also applied for an MPS program but not Journalism. When I applied an admissions assistant contacted me and told me I would hear the first week of September. Well, September ended and I never heard anything. So I decided to update my resume, since the job I had was temporary and had ended and I had a new job. When I emailed her about that she emailed me back and said I would hear by the end of the week. That was a week ago yesterday I should have heard. I have been having some trouble with my email account (my bosses emails don't come through) so I emailed to check the status of my application. She emailed me right back and told me they hoped to have decisions out by the end of next week.

I don't know if all of the MPS programs follow the same admissions time frame or not. But I also am not in the DC area and don't know anyone that has ever applied to GU for graduate school. Though while looking at the results search it seems GU notifies the accepted a few weeks before the denied. So I'm wondering if perhaps the admissions assistant THOUGHT I'd be offered admissions (or maybe that was her recommendation) and that's why she thought I'd hear last week...but I was actually denied. The time frame matches up...

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