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GPA of 2.6, Masters in CS, what in the world will i do


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Hey there,

So i am a college senior majoring in Computer Science from a very selective Liberal Arts College referred to as a "mini ivy". I have basically not realized how much my slacking would harm me, and as a result i am facing a 2.6 gpa as of now. Taking responsibility for my gpa has been done, and i fully indent to show myself determined to do well in grad school by getting a the highest possible gpa i can this semester and the next as well as do the best i can in the GRE. If it lends any credence to my case i got 2250 in my SATs because i actually worked for it, yea i seriously dropped the ball in college.

Basically i am aiming for not a straight Computer Science Master's Degree, but one that perhaps offers a concentration in multimedia or perhaps game design.

Do you guys have any idea as to how i should progress or what schools i should be looking at.

thanks in advance to anyone who took the time to read this.

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