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transcipt scanning problem


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I started exploring the online applications for schools today, and when I realized that I hadn't scanned my transcripts, I pulled out my printer/scanner and went to work. Unfortunately, not all of my transcripts scanned properly. Has anyone had problems with scanning transcripts? I was left with a jpg image that showed only the bottom "this is an official...." strip without the actual information. Is there a way to scan this with a home-use printer/scanner or would I need to head to a university with copier scanners?

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This isn't a grad-specific query rather than just a scanner issue; and gradcafe forum posters won't be able to answer your question any better than somebody who knows how to use your specific model of scanner.

But, another option - is to take a picture of your transcript with a digital camera. After some cropping and boosting up the contrast, it'll look enough like a scan.

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You're absolutely right. I almost went crazy yesterday trying to make certain that I had all of my transcripts ready sooner than later. After I realized that I didn't even have my diploma from my recent MA program, that's when I encountered the scanner problem, and I too naturally turned to gradcafe.

I did get properly scanned images, so it was most definitely a technical issue with my scanner.

However, in case anyone else might run across this, if you manually input the dimensions to be scanned, that's supposed to help from what I heard.

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