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Addressing methodology in SoP

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Some programs want me to mention my methodological approach to my proposed study. I was planning on briefly in 2-4 sentences explain my intended methods and how I planned to execute them. For example:

For my research I would like to utilize quantitative analysis through surveys, ethnographic analysis, and personal interviews of Africans in Italy. The surveys would address matters of demographic backgrounds, education level, instances of discimination, and family life of Africans in Italy and the ethnographic analysis will come through observing Africans at their places of business in Rome, Naples, and Milan. I also plan to conduct personal interviews with Africans to their experiences of language acquisiton, their degree of cultural assimilation, their self-identity, and the difficulties of child raising.

I was wondering if something like this would suffice or if I needed to go more in detail into the methodology. This is not an exact excerpt from my SoP but I am planning on doing something of this nature.


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