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Neuroscience: chances for an international medical graduate


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I am a final year medical student from a developing country. I would like to ask about my chances of getting accepted in a Neuroscience program in US, and which programs will I have good chances in:

  • My GRE scores are Q170 and V157.
  • TOEFL iBT 108
  • My medical program is 6 year. My cumulative GPA is 4.0. I kept the 1st rank for 5 years.
  • I have done some Neuroscience research, submitted a paper that is currently being reviewed in a very high impact journal.
  • Presented my research in an international medical student conference, got the best poster presentation award in Neurology.
  • Travel grant to attend this conference
  • A research fellowship in Netherlands
  • Few clinical electives in Europe, the last one was in University College London.
  • Acceped for 2 more clinical electives in 2013: one in Alabama and the 2nd in Oxford University.

I understand that getting into an Ivy league is extremely competitive. So, I am thinking of Pittsburg, SUNY buffalo, Utah and Vanderbilt. I have no clue if I have any chances in these

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I think you have a high chance of getting into an ivy league especially with your 4.0 gpa and research background. What you have to understand is that Medical schools hate taking international students because they don't want to issue a green card and go through that whole head ache. This results in the yearly international acceptance rate to be near 2% of applicants and many schools even taking none at all.

That being said, your application sounds like it will be among the top applications submitted to any school and they would realize that they are lucky to have you. Good luck

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