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Fall 2013 Application in Canadian Universities


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Hello, Canadian here with an interest in inorganic polymers, materials, nanoscience, optics, business.

Starting my last year of Chem Undergrad at McGill.

I definitely want to continue with graduate school. M.Sc. for now, might fast track into PhD or do M.Sc.and then some time in industry and then after MBA? Thoughts on coupling business degree with chemistry degree?

What I got so far.

Currently 3.2 CGPA. 3.5 in my last two semesters, in my next two guaranteed 3.5 no problem. I messed up in my 1st year by going into Biochemistry. Also messed up in my 2nd year by taking a tough mix of 500 level bio-organic/natural products classes that I crawled through. Now I am taking more nanoscience/inorganic materials classes which I'm really into. It just took me a really long time to realize Biology isn't for me.

Spent this summer working for a professor as a paid intern, worked on synthesis of inorganic complexes using mechanochemistry. Guaranteed solid letter of recommendation + one first author publication + developed writing a lab experiment for one of our teaching labs. (Don't know if relevant) Also working on maybe getting another publication in with the same prof but would be 2nd or 3rd author most likely. Chill as fuck lab, everyone is super nice and helpful.

Just started working with another Prof who is a pretty reputable professor. Honours project on inorganic complexes for application in optics. Feel like the lab group is going to be a good fit as well. Hopefully another solid letter of recommendation. Publications for this prof don't seem likely in this time frame though.

Have not written GREs. My impression is that they are unnecessary for Canadian Universities. Is this true? Should I still?

Applying to these universities:

1-U of British Columbia


1-U of Toronto

4-U of Alberta




Thoughts? Should I apply to USA/UK universities as well? Chances of getting into any of my top 3 choices? Chances of getting into any solid USA/UK universities?

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