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I am applying for Stats PhD programs (Fall 2013 entrance) and would appreciate a few opinions on my List

I really enjoy most of statistics, but at the moment I think I will do some sort of statistical machine learning work. I am also pretty interested in bio/medical applications (considering UNC biostat, maybe other biostat programs?). So any comments particular to my interests would be greatly appreciated.

My profile is something like:

Undergrad: Public school, top 40-60(?) overall. Higher ranked in math/stats

Majors: Applied Math, Computer Science

Minor: Statistics

GPA: 4.00

Domestic Student

GRE: Haven't taken yet

Math subject GRE: 820/990 (85th percentile)

[G] means graduate course

Math Courses: As and A+ in Calculus, Real Analysis (2 semesters), Abstract algebra, Linear algebra (lower division), Differential Equations, Numerical Analysis [G]

currently taking Mathematical Modeling [G], Linear Control Theory [G]

Statistics Courses: As and A+ in Easy Intro Stats, Math Stats (2 semesters), Stochastic Models [G], Regression

Plus a smattering of computer science courses that aren't directly relevant to stats

Research: Summer 2011 REU in mathematical biology, Summer 2012 REU in mathematical biology, Independent work in applied math (parameter estimation/optimization stuff, tangentially related to statistics)


2nd author papers from summers 2011-12 are under review, given poster presentations at two national math conferences

Other stuff: 2 years Math tutoring, currently grading many calculus exams...

Letters: Good to excellent letter from summer 2012 mentor (very well known in the field); excellent letter from independent research advisor (full professor at my university); third letter undecided

The Current List (in order of perceived levels of competition):






Carnegie Mellon

UNC (biostat)



Ohio State


I'm thinking I'll apply to 8-12 in the end.

Thanks! :)

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I don't understand what you are asking for ..

Your application seems to be about as strong as they get. Apply to every top 20 school you have an interest in attending (for faculty, research, etc) and go to the best suited one that you make. You seem to already have that plan according to your list, so you are on top of your game. Odd that you left out Harvard, thats usually on every list haha

Only one biostat department after all that biomathematics work?

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