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aldous. tissot

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I'd like to get some feedback on if I should retake the GRE.

I'm applying this summer for the EdM Special Studies Program. Here's my background and stats.

UG: Thomas Edison State College (GPA 3.4 BS Nuclear Engineering Technology). Indiana State University (GPA 3.88 Pre Med)

Medical School: Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine (GPA 3.4 Current 2nd year student)

GRE V155, Q161, AW 3.5

My CV includes a bunch of Engineering items, lots of volunteer work, and a year of teaching Nuclear Engineering

I'm planning to take a leave of absence from med school to complete the masters between my third and fourth year. My area of interest is post doctoral surgical education / curriculum development etc....

I'm concerned about my AW score. Between medical school and my previous work in engineering I think that I've managed to wipe out any writing aptitude...... is retaking the GRE a good idea at this point?

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Hi, thanks for that post. I'm also anxious about this. Till others reply, let me share what I've heard from alumni and ppl:

Low AW- below 4- will be a concern for sure but other achievements can usually compensate for this, especially acads. Work experience counts. Also, sending a writing sample can help. Solely AW can not cast a veto.

Retaking GRE might be a lot heavy thing than sending writing sample. IMO, I hated GRE AW, nor was I feeling well for the first half. Retaking GRE would be a lot of trouble for me plus the expenses.

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