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Chemistry background for BME


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Some BME PhD programmes including GA Tech and JHU require atleast one semester of organic chemistry. As a UK applicant, I didn't have such options on my undergrad engineering course.

I asked regarding this and the response was

Even though organic chemistry is prerequisite, you do not have to take it before your application if it is not feasible to you. Committee will review your application based on the chemistry courses that you took.

It sounds to me like they're likely to reject my application based just on these grounds (which is understandable if chemistry forms a substantial part of the course).

Has anyone applied in a similar position?


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don't worry about the chem prereq, that type of stuff is more of a guideline than a hard rule. In fact, I really don't think there are many (if any) hard rules that would get your application auto-rejected. They will definitely still review your app. Just think of it this way, if 1 admission spot came down to you and an identical applicant as yourself except that person HAD ochem, that person would get the acceptance. Other than that, the lack of ochem will just be considered in your overall app and weighed accordingly for each school. Good luck!

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Agreeing with ghanada, just wanted to add: the lack of ochem would probably only hurt you if you wanted to research something that heavily involved organic chemistry (say, tissue engineering or drug synthesis). There are a few courses that probably would be absolutely required (like calculus), but I really doubt you'll have a problem here.

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