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Hi everyone. I am thinking about applying for a PhD in stat and I was hoping someone (or many people) could take a look at my profile and let me know what sort of schools I do (if any) or do not have a shot at. I know I’m not going into tons of detail in my profile (below), but I just want know what schools would stop considering me for admission given this amount of information (or think I am interesting enough for an in-depth look at my application). Thanks!

Undergrad: 3.67 (BS Math, BS Applied Stat, minor Econ) from top 10 science school (both the math and stat programs are top 10)

Grad: 3.67 (MSc Operations Research) from top 5 ivy

Past year and a half: Statistical consultant (pharma and biotech), one of my papers is in review for publication

Research experience: Astrophysics research in undergrad, mathematics research in undergrad (no publications)

Other relevant info: Tutored mathematics/statistics throughout undergrad (up to differential equations) and was the head tutor for my last 2 years in undergrad

Courses: I’ve taken all the necessary courses required and received good grades plus a PhD level stochastic calculus course


Quant: 790

Verbal: 510

AW: 3.5 (confused considering I have As in all my English/writing courses)

Research Interests: Astrostatistics, machine learning

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Sorry to post again, but I've looked at other profiles on this site and I've had trouble finding a good proxy for my profile. I'm just afraid to waste time and money on applications to universities that I don't stand a chance of being accepted to. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.

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