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Can I get into a forensic psych masters program?


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Hi, I graduated from UBCO with a BA majoring in Psychology with a 3.67 GPA (80%). I'd like to get into a Forensic Psych program somewhere in Canada. I'm writing my GRE's in October.

My question is, without having done an Honors, is there still a reasonable chance for me? Most of the application requirements to places like SFU, UBCO, Dalhousie, etc. require a BA(Hon).

If not, what might be some steps I could take to get in?

Thank you!

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If you did not write a thesis, you will have a VERY hard time getting in. SFU is incredibly competetive (rightly so as it is the epi-centre of forensic research in Canada) and people typically have conference presentations and some even have publications coming in. I suggest you take a year (or two or three) off and get an RA position where you can help publish. That experience will help you get in and get to know researchers in the area. Apply for positions at the school you want to go to and hopefully the prof likes you enough to take you if you apply.

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