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Sharing my stats- How's my chance for app of Finance/FE

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Hey all,

Here are my stats:

GRE: 168Q + 152 V , given Im an international student with English not my first language

Majors: Economics & Mathematics-- from a top public university

GPA: 3.52 Major GPA: 3.65

How's my chance of getting into top 20 Finance/FE master program?

PS: yeah, I know there are many more factors that can affect the application, but just assume other materials are about in the similar level of my GPA standard... All genuine opinions are greatly appreciated!

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Check out MSFHQ and the programs you're looking at in particular. If you remove MIT and Princeton from the list of FE programs then you have a great chance at any top program for a MSF or MFE. WUSTL/Columbia/Vanderbilt all have basically a mean GRE of 320 and mean GPA of 3.6.

You seem to fit the bill for them, and they're right near the pinnacle of MSF programs, You're at the mean for those programs, so you're above for many others. You should have no difficulty finding a top 20 programs.

Try checking out Wall Street Oasis. Many people there have direct experience with the programs.

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