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Applying to a Grad School in the US


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I am not sure if this the right section of the forum to post such a question.

But please if someone can guide me I would be highly obliged.

I have put my queries across many online forums like Edulix etc but people there do not bother to

reply. I am not sure why though ? What is the purpose of such online forums then.

I am currently trying to identify some universities to apply to for Computer Engineering/ Science Major in the US.

Earlier I was eyeing for Universities in the Cali region but my GRE score came out to be too low at just 297.

So I am now preparing to re-give the exam and apply with a better grade.

But I believe I am already late for deadlines of many schools and most of the good schools do not have spring admissions.

Can anyone guide me for atleast a couple of schools which have SPRING sessions ?

Please help me !!! :(



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Cornell, Brown, UIUC all take spring applicants but you need to rush to get your application submitted in time.

Why not apply for fall admission instead? You've got more than enough time to prepare your application for fall 2013.

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