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how to deal with F$(&$ING stupid post doc in lab?


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The postdoc we have in lab is starting to drive me crazy. She now thinks someone is sabotaging her experiments when she isn't around, and has now started whining to the PI about it. I know she's probably narrowed it down in her head to either me, or another guy in the lab. It just irks the sh!t out of me, that I'm probably being falsely accused of sabotaging her experiments behind my back. Now that she thinks sabotaging is going on, she's moving stuff around the lab and taking over cabinets and putting locks on them so someone can't "sabotage" her experiments.

NO ONE IS SABOTAGING HER EXPERIMENTS. I don't understand where this bat sh!t craziness comes from. She's manufacturing completely unnecessary drama that's utterly absurd.

I have never been around someone so toxic before at work. Not even in industry have I ever encountered someone so difficult to work with, so paranoid, and that's so against teamwork in order to take all credit for herself.

Anyone else have a toxic lab coworker? What did you do?

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What you probably need to do is have a conversation with the PI. Say that you feel the atmosphere in the lab has soured since this person arrived because for some reason she believes that someone is sabotaging her work. If I were you I would not mention that I think she's blaming me unless I had first-hand knowledge of it, unless the PI brings the question up. Just ask for help dealing with the situation, that's what the PI is there for.

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