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Joint MA/MFA in writing and literature?

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I'm new to this forum and seeking some kind of help. I am a senior and currently trying to decide where to apply for grad school. Ideally, I would like to apply to a joint MA/MFA program in literature and writing- I love the two, I just cannot imagine separating from one of these areas of study. I am having difficulty finding a joint program like this. I have seen other joint MA/PhD or MFA/PhD programs, but that is not what I am looking for. I am really open to any study of literature, as long as I can still have my study of writing combined with it. Let me know if you have any program suggestions.

Thank you!

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Most MFA programs will require you take some literature courses (and you can probably audit others, even if they aren't required), so you wouldn't be totally without the study of literature. For example, Brooklyn College MFAs take one literature course per semester, in addition to their craft classes/workshops.

The other thing you could do is write creatively while attending an MA program. Though you won't have much time for it, I can assure you that ;) Additionally, you will be doing plenty of writing in an MA program. It won't be "creative" writing, but I think you'll find that the professional scholarly essay is much more interested in craft, style, voice, and form than one might assume (or at least, much more than I assumed, as an undergrad). I find this experimentation with form to be very interesting and exciting.

The main problem with a joint MA/MFA would be the concentration, i.e., whether the MA or the MFA would get more attention. This is an especially tricky issue when it comes time to write the thesis; is it a creative thesis? A scholarly thesis? They certainly wouldn't want you doing both at the expense of each other. MFA/PhD programs work because they are spaced out over the course of 5-7+ years.

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I originally came to my MA program as an MFA student. I am not allowed to complete both degrees so I decided to switch to the MA.

However, I remember some schools in my search allowed you to get both degrees. The ones I remember were McNeese State and Alaska at Fairbanks. I believe there were others, but I cannot remember them. Good luck!

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Thank you for the input! I did look into the Alaska program, a bit too far from where I now love for me. Another program I found was at Chapman University in Southern California, which has pretty much exactly what I want, but again, too far. I would definitely lean more towards an MA in Literature more than an MFA in Creative Writing. We will see. I am going to apply to Chapman as well as some individual programs closer to home, some for literature some for writing, and just see what happens, hopefully by mid-spring I will know more of where I would like to be.

Thanks again!

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