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Amazing Verbal/Writing scores, awful Quant


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The title basically sums it up.

I'm looking at getting a masters in International Relations, with a focus on Security Studies. Georgetown/Columbia/Tufts would be the ideal, but I've tried to be realistic and set my top school as George Washington. Considering my undergrad GPA of 3.7 and a strong work history, I think I could get into that program given a good GRE score. Which brings me to...

I got a 169 on Verbal, and a 5 on the Writing, both of which are very good scores, I think. However, on quant... I got a pathetic 149.

I'm really in a quandary here. Most top-level IR grad programs really want to see evidence of ability in quantitative work. I have strong grades in two stats classes and got an "A" in a grad-level Advanced Quantitative Analysis course I took at American University. I also got straight "A"s in all my Econ classes.(I'm good at math when it's in context.) But I really feel like that just won't compensate for a score of 149.

Thoughts? Advice? Should I try to take the GRE again? I really feel like my Verbal and probably my Written scores are the best they can get. Should I really jeopardize those for the possibility of a higher Quant score?

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