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I'm hoping to get some feedback on this. I'm an older applicant, mid 30's who does not have a bachelors in science, however, I have gone back to school in the last three years and have gotten a 4.0 in all my classes and for all intents and purposes have a BA in chemistry. I've done two years of research in organic chemistry and have a 3rd authorship in a journal with an impact factor of about 3. My question is "Do I have a shot at getting into a Biomed/Biochem PhD program?" I know there are a lot of older applicants who get into PhD programs but those are more humanities type programs.

What would it take to get into such a program? Is it even possible? Or rather what would it take to have a higher than 50% chance of getting in somewhere? Thanks in advance for any feedback.


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Go for it. I am in my late 20's, poor undergard GPA and work experience that doesn't entirely commute. What helped me was getting to know and speak with potential PI. It sounds to me like you have a much better background than I did to make for a good application. Good luck!

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I think you do. There is someone in my program now who has her degree in english, but when back to school and got the necessary biology classes and she is now in a PhD in Pharmacology. There is another one who is a Lawyer in his 30s ( practiced for 10 years) The fact that you have a high GPA in the sciences and an authorship on a paper will look very good.. APPLY :)

Good Luck

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