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A Little Late to the Game


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Hello all,

I've been reading posts here for a little while now and would like to get some feedback on my own issue. I'm planning to apply to several PhD programs in the coming months, but am behind in the sense that I've only gotten into gear within the past few months. The more I read the more I'm worried that a low GRE is going to keep me from even getting looked at. I took it before getting into the MS program I'm in now with little thought for the future which meant little preparation. That translated to an 1140. My undergrad GPA was 3.89 and my Grad GPA is 3.9. I'll also have a poster presentation at a state conference, and have work experience at a mental health facility working with data collection and analysis. Would love your feedback on whether or not I have a shot at an I/O PhD or should wait it out till next year and improve my scores.

Thanks for the help and good luck to any fellow applicants!

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Having the MS will compensate some for the low GRE score. That said, with PhD programs you're competing against a lot of extremely talented folks so there really is no way to predict these things. Focus your SOP on your strong analytical skills that you've developed.

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