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How long did it take you to find a job? What did you do to get it?

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Hi all,

Been gone a long time from gradcafe. Feels weird being back. Let's get to it!

So I did my M.A. at the University of Chicago. I have 4 years of work experience in journalism/Communications (web content management, press relations, all that good stuff), plus a BA and BSc in English Lit. and Journalism respectively. I'm currently finishing up my thesis and getting ready to graduate in December.

But, so far......It's been two months since I left school and I haven't landed a job.

While I was still in school, I got three job interviews and I thought it was a sign of things to come. However, now there's a whole lot of nothing. The only two leads I have now are 1) volunteer PR work at a Language Institute (which I am doing for the optimal reaping of contacts) 2) possible consulting work with a non-profit. I only got my foot in the door applying to positions they deemed me too "overqualified" for.

However, one can't subsist off of free language lessons, hopes and dreams. I'm applying to anything, administrative assistant, clerk, translator, but I really don't know what I'm doing wrong.

Each resume and cover letter (previously looked over by career counselors in Chicago) is tailored to what I apply to. I emphasize long-term interest and commitment and whatever else is needed. While I don't have contacts in this state, my references are solid.

I would prefer not to leave my partner for a job but it seems like I might need to. It's depressing. I thought I was over this weirdness a long time ago. Since I'm not graduating til December, the situation isn't critical, but I do like getting a leg up on things and my savings are slowly but surely disappearing.

My question is: How long did it take you other M.As out there to find paid work and how did you go about getting it?

And no, just because I went to UofC doesn't mean I can afford un-paid internships in NYC, DC or San Fran. I received a scholarship from Americorps and from the school.

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