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Baron's GRE


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Just finished a practice test by Baron and I want to share my experience.

1. The test was full of mistakes - it kept asking me questions about texts I did not read (there was a text about the civil war and it asked

me for salaries of women in the company...), it kept asking me math questions that are 'unsolvable' ('on the figure below...' and there was no figure whatsoever)

2. The math was ridiculously easy. No trick questions, no convoluted problem descriptions, nothing. I felt like I am doing an exam for 3rd grade.

3. At the end when I tried to check my score it showed me a screen where I had the total correct answers (verbal+math for some reason) and then it gave me a rough conversion chart from which I could only see half.

4. When I tried to review my answers and see the explanations, I could only access the last section.

5. I clicked on the first answer it showed as wrong, and saw that they had A as correct and marked my A as wrong.

6. When I tried to review a second answer it crashed.

7. When I tried to restart the problem I had to rework the whole exam in order to potentially see my reviews.

8. The lay out had nothing to do with all the other test layouts, it all felt really uncomfortable.

All and all I advice noone to use their tests.

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