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Military service and clinical psychology PhD


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So I am in the army active duty. I work as a medical specialst, in a medical clinic. I will be applying to clinical PhD programs this fall for 2013/2014. I need some input on what to do as I am in a unique situation.

Here are the schools I am applying to.

Northwestern University-Feinburg, University of Missouri-(columbia, kansas city, saint louis), Denver University. Baylor University, University of Kansas, Adler School of perfessional psychology, Chicago school of professional psychology, University of Tulsa, University of Rohde Island, marquette university

My Gre is 156 quanitative 159 verbal 4.0 analytical and gpa of 3.54

I don't have any published work and my degree is from and online college. However I have spent a lot of time in a clinic and done one major research project but it was on finance and not psychology. My top three are denver, saint louis and feinburg. Is there anything I could do to better my chance? I professors that will write me recomendations but they haven't had any real experience with me, then I have MD's that will write me excellent recomendations but don't know my acedemic achievement. Is my military experience going to help me a great deal?

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Have you thought about applying to the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences (USUHS)? I have a very strong feeling it will help out there, and they will understand some of the issues that make getting traditional lab experience more difficult while on active duty. Is your military service at all related to psych (maybe applicable if you were a medic or did a stint at WR/NNMC)? Or are your research interests at all related to military issues/PTSD?

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With regard to letters of recommendation, I'd have the MD's write my letters. Two of my three letter writers weren't from my undergrad institution and had no clue about my academic abilities. I just attached a CV and a transcript to my requests for letters.

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Because of the way my enlistment is going to end and the regulations regarding USUHS and the Army I wouldn't be able to appy until next year. PTSD is one of my interests. Mostly the effects PTSD has on children.

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