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SAIS Bologna versus DC


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Hello, I have been admitted to the DC SAIS 2 year program for Fall 2013. However, I have the option to change my first year location to Bologna.

For those who are in the Bologna-DC program and have already concluded their first year, can you please offer me any insight about the differences between the two campuses, mainly from a coursework perspective. Also, I would be interested in knowing your concentration. I am intending to do the Energy Environment and Resources concentration. I feel like most students at Bologna have a focus on Europe or Central Asia. My area of research will be around East Asia. I still feel like DC would be a better match in terms of coursework, but I have personal reasons for considering Bologna now. Please it's really a chance of a lifetime! So please advise.

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i am a DC saiser but i have heard something from the Bologna students. in terms of available coursework, you should definitely check with the sais website or registration office. another thing is that some Bologna professors are also holding professional positions somewhere else, so some of Bologna course might meet biweekly rather than weekly.

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