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Wrong number phone call?


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I am suppose to call a POI today, but she emailed me this morning with a different number to call than the original number because she actually won't be in her office. However, when I called and asked for the POI, I was told I had called the wrong number. I quickly sent off an email to the professor, explaining the situation and asking if there had been a typo/mistake.

Should I try to call the original number just in case? Or just leave it be until she emails me back?

I checked my phone twice now and compared it with the number provided. It's the same, so yeah. /: Thoughts?

Also, I know I'm probably being crazy over dramatic. (;

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You could go ahead and try the original number. If she isn't there, then you won't be bothering her. If she is there, then she can decide what to do next. Otherwise, I would just wait for her to reply to the e-mail.

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