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Hi everyone,

Let me just first thank everyone for a great, great forum and resource throughout the application process. I just managed to get over my "greatest" (self-perceived) hindrance for getting into a grad programme by taking the GRE today and getting a prel. score of 157 (Q), 162 (V) so I figured that I would reach out and be more active in this community.

Now I am taking aim at perfecting my statement letters and was starting to think about how much an international applicant should focus on the fact that they are bringing experiences, understanding and "links" of/to other contexts than the U.S. Obviously most of the sociology programmes are extremely international in their scope and faculty but I was given the advice that I should seriously bring out the fact that I am European. I was thus interested in finding out whether anyone has any input regarding this? first-hand experience or so?

Interrelated to this is what you guys think about bringing an MA degree from a top European program? Is this something that will greatly influence ones chances?

Since most people tend to introduce themselves - as will I! am currently completing a MA program in demography in Europe and have intentions to apply for several demography and sociological programs (specialized in life course, family sociology and inequality). Undergraduate GPA 3,40 Graduate GPA 3,70. Strong LORs and relevant job experience (research ass. in demography).

Thanks in advance

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