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Preparing applications for M.S/M.E in CS - advice?


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So, my situation is that I'm graduating with a bio-chemistry degree a semester early this December. 3.9/4.0. An 88% Q, 99% A, 70% V GRE score. However, I only have ~15 hours of undergraduate computer science coursework.

I'm quite keen on efficiency so I was looking at several Spring start programs that would allow me to finish up some requisite undergraduate work alongside the graduate courses. For example, U-Chicago offers 'Immersion' so I could even test out of said prerequisites.

Alternatively, I could stay at my university and take those missing core classes this Spring and have my application in for the Fall start date of many programs. This would open me up to more schools but at the cost of another semester.

Is there an obvious better pick among the two choices?

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