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Dear all, recently i'm mad about my school list, for some reasons i could only choose one from CIPA and Elliott. I major on international politics for undergraduate degree, and now i'm applying for master for 2013. My career goal is to join the world organization such as UN or WB, or some private sectors. I've already figured out some pros and cons of the two schools, but i'm still not able to make a decision. So i need ur advice. thank u very much!

CIPA's pros:

1.high rank, ivy league

2.relative lower expense(taking into account the scholarship and lower rent fee in ithica)

CIPA's cons:

1.not so directly related to my undergraduate major

2.located in small city, not easy to get good internship opportunities(since i'm looking forward to getting a good job after graduation)

Elliott pros:

1.located in DC, so many internship opportunities, and good chance to get a job in world organizations

2. directly related to my major

Elliott's cons:

1.relative low rank

2.higher expense in DC

In sum, i can't make my final decision, plz give out some advice about my choice. Thank you so much!!

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Elliott ! of course. Since you are going to work in international organizations like WB or UN, staying DC will definitely give you much more chances for internship and also lower the living cost during intern. Nothing else is more important than intern opportunities. Do not overestimate the prestige of Ivy of Cipa. GWU is definitely treated as a good university in american society. Have a look at the notable alumnus of GWU and you will find it is of great prestige in political fields.

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I may be biased, but I agree with the previous posters. Elliott is ranked much more highly than CIPA for international affairs masters programs. I personally feel that being in DC is invaluable for getting experience and networking. Thanks to the evening class schedules, you may even be able to get a paid internship/job at Elliott, which would help with the higher DC costs.

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